What is a Clubhouse?

Our Clubhouse is the heart and soul of Independence Center. It fulfills the basic human need of being wanted, needed, and expected. Members come voluntarily to work, set goals, learn life skills, improve their health, and much more. This is an accepting, supportive community where members build close relationships with each other and staff, and experience a purpose-filled day. Members take an active role in their own progress, working side-by-side with staff and other members. Those who are able, get on a path to meaningful employment.

The Independence Center Clubhouse is accredited by Clubhouse International, a globally recognized leader in changing the world of mental health. There are 330 Clubhouses, and ours is the second largest in the world.


The Clubhouse model is based on a philosophy containing four basic tenets:

Within these four tenets are three important beliefs:

Since 1981, this philosophy has stood at the core of Independence Center’s wide array of programs, which now includes rehabilitation services, housing and residential supports, case management, outpatient psychiatric care and medication management, employment services, a wellness program, education, daily meals and social opportunities.

Clubhouse International was established in 1994 and serves to promote the development and strengthening of clubhouses. Clubhouse International oversees the creation and evolution of standards, facilitates and assures the quality of training, consultation, certification, research and advocacy, and provides effective communication and dissemination of information. Independence Center is an accredited member of Clubhouse International. To learn more, visit the  Clubhouse International web site.

Independence Center is accredited by the Missouri Department of Mental Health and CARF.