Let’s Rethink This

a podcast taking real conversations about mental illness from behind closed doors right out into the open.

Episodes will explore the complexities of mental illness by having candid conversations with people living with a severe mental illness and mental health providers on how mental illness affects all aspects of life including education, employment, housing, relationships and so much more. Let’s Rethink This is bringing you real stories of the challenges of mental illness along with real inspiration to manage the symptoms of mental illness, find belonging and purpose in your community, and gain the confidence to live a healthy, quality life.

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Independence Center is an active, forward-thinking nonprofit organization  providing those with chronic mental illness a place to belong, work and achieve healthy, happy, quality lives.

“Work is essential… it is the glue that binds us to society.”

– Bob Harvey, Founding Director

Work gives us purpose and connects us to those around us. It builds community and gives meaning to our lives. But for people with mental illnesses, it is difficult to find and keep a good job. Self-doubt and low self-esteem can be compounded by the terrible feelings that come with unemployment. Because of this, employment is one of the fundamental building blocks of the Clubhouse. Independence Center strives to give every person who wants it a chance to work at a real job