Employment plays a central role in life and helps form a person’s sense of identity and self-worth. In addition to financial independence, work gives us purpose and connects us to those around us. Society, however, can stigmatize people living with mental illness, making it challenging to find or maintain a job. Independence Center’s Clubhouse, a psychosocial rehabilitation program, partners with top St. Louis corporations and business owners to meet their employment needs.

Our Clubhouse program is one of 350 such programs world-wide. Independence Center’s employment program is designed to remove obstacles and provide individualized support so that members have success on the job.
  • Accreditations
    • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
    • Clubhouse International
    • Missouri Department of Mental Health
    • Missouri Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Special Awards
    • Johnson & Johnson Dartmouth Transformation Award for increasing Supported Employment opportunities for people with mental illness
    • Robert Wood Johnson Employment Award

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A Path to Meaningful Employment

We believe in the dignity of work. Work is more than a paycheck – it’s an affirmation of self-worth. It provides financial independence, purpose, and connects us to our community. Adults with mental illness often face enormous challenges in finding and keeping jobs. Even with skills and the ability to manage symptoms, the stigma of mental illness is a barrier to hiring them.

Many of our members didn’t have the confidence to apply for a job, until they came to our program. Others had a good job, even a successful career, before their mental illness emerged and caused them to lose their employment.

Independence Center is here to help members who are able, to get on a path to meaningful employment, from wherever their starting point may be.
Clubhouse Volunteer Work
Transitional Employment
Supported Employment
Members can gain useful job skills by volunteering to perform the jobs needed to run our Clubhouse
Part-time temporary work with our partner employers in the area. Scroll down to learn more.
Part-time temporary work with our partner employers in the area. Scroll down to learn more.

Independence Center Employment Services:

65% of members who expressed interest in finding employment were employed within six months or less

Transitional Employment (TE)

An important first step into real world employment

Work is essential… it is the glue that binds us to society.”– Bob Harvey, Founding Director

When our members are ready and able, they can enter our Transitional Employment program to get real world job experience. They get jobs with our contracted area businesses, and work under our staff’s supervision. They earn a real paycheck and learn to manage their money. This program builds confidence and provides valuable experience to help acquire permanent work.

Member Benefits

Employer Benefits

Supported Employment (SE)

Long-term meaningful employment backed by our support

Members who have job experience and are ready to return to work have the help of our Supported Employment program. We provide guidance in the application and interview process, and will help the employer understand the member’s capabilities and limitations. Once hired, the member performs the job independently, with our support available as needed.

Member Qualifications

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