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Independence Center seeks to provide and cultivate housing to meet the needs of our community. Currently we have two residential care communities, two apartment building, and one senior living complex on the way! In addition, Independence Center proactively seeks relationships with community based landlords to provide independence housing to members in our community.

“In everything we do, we look to not only provide everything a person with a serious mental illness needs to live a healthy quality life – we also work to eradicate the stigma. Every person, regardless of diagnosis, deserves to live with dignity in a safe and affordable home.”

Residential Care Facilities

Dignity & Respect for Every Resident

Each resident has their own apartment – no one has to share space with roommates. We encourage residents to decorate their apartment, care for it, and make it feel like home. Having a place to call your own, that you’ve set up for your own tastes, is an important part of living a quality life. Our staff ensures that each resident enjoys a nice level of comfort and privacy, and lives with dignity and respect.

Our successful housing programs have a consistent 100% occupancy rate.

Newstead Place
Central West End
Newstead Place is within walking distance of Independence Center and provides an innovative approach to residential care for members who require 24-hour onsite support. Newstead Place includes housing units for 15 members where staff provides daily meals, assistance with medication management, and additional support to help residents gain independent living skills.

Jane Howell Stupp Apartments
This 15-unit, 24-hour residential care facility is exclusively for people who have been in the Forensic system and discharged from St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center or another state facility. Stupp apartments ensure that when people are on conditional release from in-hospital care, they receive 24-hour support and supervision they need, and can live independently and with dignity. Our staff provides meals, assistance with medications, and other supports as needed.

Clustered Housing

Lohmeyer Apartments
Lohnmeyer has 20 efficiency units with staff onside mornings, evenings, and weekends. There is a common community room available to all residents. Lohmeyer Residents receive services designed to assist them with independent living skills, managing behavioral health need, and improving skills to manage their living environment, social skills, and other independent living skills. Lohmeyer is very close to shopping and major bus lines to help members maintain their independence. 

Independent Living

Laclede & Sarah Apartments
Central West End
Laclede has 20 one-bedroom apartments and a first-floor community room with laundry facilities. Laclede Apartments are located a short walk from Independence Center, and public transportation and amenities are readily available.

If you are currently enrolled in one of Independence Center’s programs and experience a crisis after program hours, please contact:

AFTER HOURS Crisis Hotline: 988

TTY Crisis Hotline for Hearing Impaired: First dial 711 and then 988. Or text 988.

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