Colleague Training

Training Purpose

Colleague training is an opportunity to learn about and experience Clubhouse philosophy, culture, relationships, and the day-to-day operations of a Clubhouse model program from experienced staff and people with real-life experience of mental illness together in a full-immersion experience. Whether starting a new Clubhouse or moving an established Clubhouse to a higher level of operation, the goal of the training is to help colleagues implement and enhance a Clubhouse model program in their own communities.

Training Curriculum

The training curriculum, developed with the Clubhouse International Training Base Working Group and re-evaluated on an on-going basis, enables colleagues to immerse themselves in the Clubhouse community. This includes:


Lodging is included as part of tuition at Aloft St. Louis Cortex.


For more information on Colleague Training, or to register, please send an email inquiry to the Colleague Training Team at

2024 Colleague Training Sessions:

March 4th – 15th (2-week Comprehensive Clubhouse Training)

April 15th –26th (2-week Comprehensive Clubhouse Training)

May 13th – 17th (1-week Employment/Education Track Training)

June 17th – 28th (2-week Comprehensive Clubhouse Training)

October 7th – 18th (2-week Comprehensive Clubhouse Training)

November 4th – 15th (2-week Comprehensive Clubhouse Training)

One-week specialized tracks and three-day Clubhouse Orientation/Overview may be available on request.

*One week specialized tracks and three day orientations on request.