Mental Health Awareness Month

At the beginning of May, our friends at Great Day St. Louis stopped by the Clubhouse to discuss Mental Health Awareness Month. See our segment in the video below.


Pam and Adam on STLTV

Back in January, Pam (Member) and Adam (Donor engagement Specialist), visited STL TV. Pam and Adam spoke about Independence Center and it’s many programs as well as promoting 2024 Dancing with the St. Louis Stars. Watch their interview here!

Great Day St. Louis

Watch our feature of Dancing with the St. Louis on Great Day St. Louis (KMOV).

What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving in Independence Center is a big deal! The day of Thanksgiving we are visited by hundreds of people that include members, members’ families, staff, board members, and even some community partners. All to put together, and share, a HUGE Thanksgiving Day meal. So leading up to the holiday, we asked members what they’re thankful […]

Three P’s of Suicide Prevention Did you know we’re currently in the midst of a second pandemic, one that has been quietly building for the past decade? It is a pandemic of loneliness, caused in part by the more rapid pace of modern life, social isolation from Covid-19, and social media usage instead of face-to-face connection. The result is […]