Episode 22 – Raising Mentally Healthy Children with Julie Tang

Julie Tang is a longtime supporter of Independence Center and founder of an organization called Starting the Conversation which is focused on raising mentally fit children. Since her retirement from the federal government, she has worked more closely with Starting the Conversation to build its impact and reach in the community. She is also currently […]

Episode 21 – Using Outreach to Build Community & Find Healing

This week we are talking to Cassandra Burries and Naomi Holland about the 3700 project, a disease management project through the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Cassandra is a member and a Board member at IC and Naomi is a staff leader for 3700. We are going to talk about both of their backgrounds, how […]

Episode 20 – A Phoenix Rising: Relearning to Live with Mental Illness

This week we are talking with long time Independence Center member, Steve Whyte. Steve has had a long journey with his mental health recovery and describes the journey like a phoenix rising from the ashes. We are going to spend some time getting to know him, learning about the importance of safe and supportive housing […]

Episode 19 – Addressing Global Mental Health with Jack Yatsko

This week I am speaking with Jack Yatsko, Chief Operating Officer at Clubhouse International. Jack’s role includes overseeing the programs at Clubhouse International, new clubhouse development, training, and supporting training bases. He has been in the social work field for his entire career. He has a master’s in Social Work and started his Clubhouse career […]

Episode 18 – Living with High Functioning Depression & Anxiety

This week I’d like to introduce Danielle Rose. Danielle is a program participant or what we refer to as member at Independence Center.  Danielle has recently returned to work after a seven-year gap in her employment. We are going to be talking to her about her experience as a member of Independence Center, how and […]

Episode 17 – The Power of Performance Art in Managing Mental Health

This week we are talking with Angelo Blanchard, Katie Hayes and Paula Heller. Katie is the outreach coordinator at STAGES St Louis. If you have not heard of Stages, it is a local theatre that is committed to preserving and advancing the art form of musical theatre through excellence in performance and education. Paula is […]

Episode 15 – Zero Suicide with Kirsten Sierra & Maria Needham

We are going to be talking about Zero Suicide, which promotes safer care for those at risk of suicide. Zero Suicide believes that suicide is preventable and that the only acceptable number of losses due to errors in quality of care is zero. Today I am speaking with Kirsten Sierra, who has both her MSW […]

Episode 14 – The Conversation Starts Here with Jordan Palmer

This week I am talking one of Independence Center’s Community Support Specialists, Jordan Palmer. Jordan has been working as a CSS for 3 years and is current pursuing her masters in social work at Washington University in St. Louis.   Aside from managing a caseload, Jordan also is very involved with Independence Center’s Diversity, Equity […]