COVID-19 Emergency Response

Support Independence Center’s Emergency Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


This summer our annual fundraiser looks a little bit different.  We are hosting a virtual campaign to ensure the safety of our members, donors, and staff.  With a goal of $5,000, we have partnered with Urban Chestnut Brewing Company to support Independence Center’s critical programs and services.  


From Monday, July 13th – Friday, August 14th we are running our campaign Summer Mini Thrive Drive.  During the campaign, with a minimum donation of $20 you will receive an exclusive discount to Urban Chestnut.  Not only will you be supporting members of Independence Center, as all proceeds go directly to the Clubhouse, but you will also be supporting a local business by using your discount code with your purchase.


Thank you for your continued support of Independence Center and helping our organization and its members to THRIVE with your donation. 


Social distancing strikes at the heart of Independence Center’s Clubhouse model. We know that social connection is vital for the recovery for people living with mental illness, and for 39+ years we have fostered this through our physical space. But today, we’re adapting our model because physical distancing must not result in social isolation.


We have transitioned our life-sustaining services to be digital and home-based in order to best serve our members, meet their basic needs, and prevent social isolation and loneliness. But we need your help to make it happen.


By donating today, you’ll provide life-sustaining services and access for our members:




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