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Young Professional Membership

The Young Professionals of Independence Center are individuals in their 20s and 30s who are civic-minded and passionate about raising awareness and reducing the stigma around mental illness.

We welcome you to become a member of Independence Center’s Young Professionals who leverage their collective experience, education, resources and talents towards improving the lives of those living with mental illness in the St. Louis community.

Among its goals are to increase awareness of Independence Center’s mission among young adults, build future leadership for Independence Center and create additional revenue for Independence Center through membership and fundraising events.

Colleague Training

Colleague training is an opportunity to learn about and experience Clubhouse philosophy, culture, relationships, and the day-to-day operations of a Clubhouse model program. Whether starting a new Clubhouse or moving an established Clubhouse to a higher level of operation, the goal of the training is to help colleagues implement and enhance a Clubhouse model program in their own communities.

For more information on Colleague Training, please contact Pete Estrader at 314-880-5427 or pestrader@independencecenter.org

2019 Colleague Training Sessions:
February 4 – 15 (2 weeks)
March 11 – 22 (2 weeks)
April 29 – May 16 (3 weeks)
June 10 – 21 (2 weeks)
August 5 – 16 (2 week)
September 30 – October 4 (1 week emp. track)
October 28 – November 8 (2 weeks)
*Cost of training includes an additional 3% fee charges for credit cards payments.