Did you know we’re currently in the midst of a second pandemic, one that has been quietly building for the past decade? It is a pandemic of loneliness, caused in part by the more rapid pace of modern life, social isolation from Covid-19, and social media usage instead of face-to-face connection. The result is a spike in serious mental health challenges and a 16% increase in suicide rates nation-wide over the past decade.


September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and Independence Center is sharing the transformative power of the Three Ps of Suicide Prevention:



The most powerful tool against suicide is also the most uncomplicated: connect with other people. Even though there are 14 million Americans with a diagnosis, people with mental health challenges often feel stigmatized and isolated. Finding a community of people with shared interests and experiences is one of the most important things we can do to feel better.


Independence Center does this through a clubhouse model, where members have the opportunity to build bonds with others in a community that understands them and highlights their value.



Every human needs to feel a sense of belonging, a space that is theirs, a place where they can heal. 


Independence Center’s clubhouse includes on-site amenities like therapeutic services, a fitness center, and casual spaces like a restaurant and lounge area. We also have comfortable housing options that are embedded in residential neighborhoods. They provide safe spaces where people with serious mental illness can feel comfortable and cared for.


Your place could be work, a house of worship, a volunteer location, a center for therapy. Independence Center’s clubhouse and residential spaces offer our members a sense of affirmation and belonging. 



Too often, people who are experiencing loneliness and suicidal ideation feel there is no reason for them to be here. Purpose shows them they are needed and valued.


Independence Center gives our members purpose through job training, connections employment, and on-site projects like giving tours of our facility, working in our resale shop, writing our newsletter, or helping new members get acclimated.

Having a purpose reminds people who are struggling why they want to stay alive. At Independence Center, helping our members find their purpose encourages them to envision a future they are a part of.


If you are an adult with persistent mental health challenges who is searching for your people, place, or purpose, Independence Center is here to help!


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