Anxiety – The Poem

She feels like she is suffocating.
She feels like her breath is escaping her as if she was drowning.
She feels the room spinning around her body.
She thinks she might be having a heart attack.
Her breath is picking up, she is breathing faster and faster.
Flash backs are running through her head like someone changing channels on a T.V.
Her heart is beating as fast as a small animal.
She can’t slow it down.
She goes outside to get some fresh air.
She holds her breath and counts to ten.
She slowly lets the air escape from her lips.
She thinks happy thoughts.
She tells herself she is going to be ok, and reminds herself this happens all the time.
She is finally calm and her breathing has returned to normal.
Her head is finally clear.
She feels like she has come back to life, and she is ok.
She has anxiety.

Written by a friend of Independence Center