COVID-19 Update – March 24

Welcome to Our Virtual Clubhouse

It is more important than ever to protect our health from COVID-19 which has required us to temporarily close most of our physical spaces. However, thanks to technology, social connections can be experienced without physical connection and we are committed to keeping our mission and connection going – virtually!
Our goal: To provide a virtual gathering space for members that mimics much of the Clubhouse social practice, as well as provide information from members and staff about how to obtain support services.
COVID-19 has pushed us to create a “Virtual Clubhouse” which we hope to evolve over time to become an integral part of our work. Long term, this virtual space will offer a way for people to connect with the Clubhouse virtually when they cannot physically attend.
One effort during this time is that we will be using a private Facebook Groups as a central hub of communication. Clubhouse members can chat about their day-to-day and have lively conversations. Eventually, we hope to have live streams and community meetings in this online space.
Facebook is the largest digital social network in the world. You probably already have an account, but if you do not, you can learn how to create one here


Additionally, we are working to set up Zoom, a video conferencing service, that allows multiple people to have video conversations at the same time. We hope to unit and house meetings with plans to expand in the future. Zoom also enables individuals to connect via phone and experience the audio element of presentations and meetings if they do not have adequate access to computers or video capable mobile devices. As this is developed, we will share more information on how to download and use Zoom.
We are committed to supporting our members during this time. If you have ideas or suggestions on how to continue to build out this Virtual Clubhouse environment, we would love to hear your feedback. Please call the Clubhouse at 314-533-4245 to share you thoughts or just check in with us on our Facebook Group!
BHR Crisis Line: 314-469-3638 or(TTY) 314-469-3638
The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) activated a statewide public hotline for citizens or providers needing guidance regarding the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. At 8 a.m. today, the hotline opened and can be reached at 877-435-8411. The hotline is being operated by medical professionals and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are asked to self-quarantine, please call your CSS or Unit Staff to help you navigate the process.
Please share this message with members and other community participants.

For the most up-to-date resources, information and guidance on the coronavirus epidemic, please consult the following resources: