Recovery Through Work

Life changed for Lisa when she walked through the doors of Independence Center’s Clubhouse this past March. She was working as a data entry processor when her symptoms of depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder worsened, and she found herself frequently visiting the hospital.

After her medication was adjusted, symptoms subsided and her social worker recommended she look into Independence Center. Lisa immediately found herself enthralled with the work opportunities inside the Clubhouse. You could regularly find Lisa working the snack bar where she enjoyed interacting with people. Staff and members began to joke that Lisa was becoming manager of the snack bar.

Lisa said, “Independence Center gives me my independence. They help with transportation to the Clubhouse and I have responsibilities that let me know I am needed somewhere. I tell people that if they came to the Independence Center, it will give them a different outlook, a better outcome, and help you manage your illness so you don’t have to return to the hospital.”

Lisa’s time working in the Clubhouse helped her regain confidence and skills that lead to securing one of the Center’s transitional employment opportunities. Lisa is now back in the workforce and it’s another step to helping her live independently and with dignity in the community.